Prague Castle

My new FB page

Hi friends, I’ve been taking pictures for a while now and I’ve decided to create my own facebook fan page. Up until this point, I have been sharing my work on my personal facebook account, but it seems that with the new logic of the Facebook, not so many people can see my latest post[…]

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay – Descending Dragon bay

Ha Long Bay is the Vietnamese jewel and One of the Seven World Natural Wonders. The legend says that thousands years ago, a Mighty Dragon was sent by God from heaven to save the vietnamese people against invaders. That’s actually where the name comes from, because Ha Long (下龍) literally means “Dragon Descending” There are[…]

Dr Jose Riza lBridge

Dr Jose Rizal Bridge

This is one is the most difficult picture I’ve ever taken. Why? Well, it was not about the composition, technical issues or weather(even though, the weather could be tad better). It was about the place where I had to take the picture. In other words, let’s just say I’m quite afraid of heights and the[…]

Old Town Tower

A warmy winter day in Prague

The weather in Czech Republic was really beautiful and warm yesterday.  It was really unusual to see such a beautiful day during winter season, especially in Prague. It was around 15 degrees Celsius and that’s almost identical to Vietnam Hanoi (around 15 – 18 degrees), but that’s a pretty normal for winter season in Hanoi.[…]